Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Impossible Quiz

Besides the worlds hardest game there are more hard games. And among those, my favorite is The Impossible Quiz. It is a bit hard to describe the game but I'll try. It looks like an ordinary quiz where you answer the given questions but it's not as simple as that. Sometimes the questions are easy, some represent a riddle you need to solve and some are impossible to know (at least I think) and then you just guess. And one more thing.... if you make a mistake, you need to do it all over again. Fun or what?! This is just one of those games you need to try. I recommend it to everyone. :)

Is it really worlds hardest?

Sometimes I wonder why people have the need to call something the hardest, the easiest or the greatest. Why the exaggeration? Well let me tell you... this time i believe they were right. This definitely IS.... at least in my humble opinion, the Worlds Hardest Game. And why do I say that... simply because I never managed to finish this game and because I lost a lot of nerves while playing. Luckey for me, it has a walkthrough and a cheat so that made it a bit easier. Anyway, as I said before...I really do believe that this is the Worlds Hardest Game. How about you?!